Mobility and Urban Liveability in Palestine #2


Just concluded the second part of the workshop on mobility and urban development in two central locations of Nablus and Ramallah, held at the Center for Urban and Regional Planning of An-Najah Universety and co-organized with Cosmopolis VUB – Latitude and the Department of Urban and Regional Deveopment of UAntwerpen. Four mixed groups of students form the three universities have been working intensively on improving the mobility system and public transport in both cities, focusing on the design of public spaces – such as the central area of Ramallah or the E-W spine in Nablus – and facilities – bus stops, terminals, squares, markets.

Representatives of both local municipalities and of the Belgian Consulate General have attended the final presentations and visited the instant-exhibition prepared for the final event at the Korean Institute of  An-Najah University.

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