Workshop Reducing Boundaries, Unisinos

8th November 2016

Categories > Dissemination, Research, Urban design, Workshop


Tomorrow November 9 at the Escola Politécnica Unisinos São Leopoldo, Latitude will lead a full day workshop with 4th year students of the Curso de Arquitetura e Urbanismo on the themes of urban security and gated living. Starting from key issues emerged from the ongoing research Reducing Boundaries, students will focus on the case study of Jardim Europa, a large cluster of condominios fechados (gated communities) recently developed around a semi-public park and next to the oldest large mall of Porto Alegre.

The exercises will focus on the role and meaning of fences and walls, understanding their form, their relation with security devices, with private and public spaces on different scales. After developing a quick critique, an important part will be dedicated to imagining possible near positive or negative futures.

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