Mobility and Urban Liveability in Palestine

23rd September 2016

Categories > Education, Workshop


Cosmopolis VUB with Latitude and the Department of Urban and Regional Deveopment of UAntwerpen  in collaboration with the An-Najah Universety are about to conclude the first workshop on mobility and urban development in two central locations of Nablus and Ramallah. In Nablus, the research focused on the urban east-west axis, with the aim of organizing public transport more efficiently, reducing traffic congestion and improving the quality of urban space. In Ramallah, it concentrates on the central squares and market area, where pedestrians clash with car dominated spaces.

After a series of intense site visits and dense lectures from local and international speakers,  students from the three universities are working intensively at the Center for Urban and Regional Planning of An Najah University in Nablus where they will exhibit the first results in an instant-exhibition.


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