‘Na bolha’ at P. F. Gastal Cinema, Porto Alegre

2nd November 2016

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Na bolha

We are happy to announce that on Saturday November 5 at 18h00 at P. F. Gastal Cinema of the cultural centre Usina do Gasômetro in Porto Alegre there will be the première of the documentary ‘Na bolha’ (In the Bubble – 49 min.), directed by Latitude and produced in the frame of the research Reducing Boundaries. 

This experimental video, realized with low-fi and amateur medias, concentrates on the case study of Porto Alegre (Brazil) representing strategies and perceptions of the middle and upper-classes concerning the issue of security in the urban context.

Through a series of interviews, following the interviewees in their everyday lives within gated communities, highly secured buildings and houses, the film pictures the contradictions and ambiguities of living behind the gates. By showing the often underestimate self-awareness of the ones who feel to be forced to live “behind bars”, the film wants to portray the paradoxes of a highly polarized society. At the same time it highlights the possibility of different life styles (the “good neighbours” strategy, establishing a relationship between different classes; the choice of living next to “dangerous” neighborhoods), aiming at opening up a discussion about a highly sensitive issue in many contemporary urban context throughout the world.

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