The Wave

Vajont poster - the Wave


Latitude is happy to share some images of the first series of handmade serigraphs made for the research project CALAMITA/À – Investigations and Researches on the Vajont Territories.

One of the 10 serigraphs-posters will be shown at the first CALAMITA/À exhibition that will take place in the frame of Padova Fotografia Festival in a dedicated space (Exhibition space via San Pietro 1, Padova) opening on the 5th of April 2014. The festival is divided into several exhibitions distributed in the city and in the surroundings in different places such as old buildings, art galleries, art and design studios, offices, retail and institutional spaces and private homes. Besides our serigraphy, CALAMITA/À exhibition will display the work of 10 photographers, amongst which Gianpaolo Arena, Marina Caneve and Alfonso Chianese, writers and poets, illustrators and artists.

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